Major Improvements

2021  Custom made bank of mailboxes in front door lobby.

2021 Heavy duty silicone seal over entire roof.

2020 New front door lighting, and awning.

2019  All fire escapes upgraded, repaired, wire brushed, sanded, painted. 

2018  New 24/7/365 surveillance cameras inside front door, (mailbox area), and Laundry Room.

2018 For extra safety, building is hard wired via 2 Verizon dedicated phone lines to South Orange Fire Dept. HQ.

2018 New kitchen installed in 3-H. New kitchens now in 26 of 32 Apartments.

2018 New domestic hot water heater, with piping, heat pumps, thermostats.

2017 Heating fuel natural gas bought under contract for 2017 and 2018 at very favorable low prices, that will help keep rents low.

2017 Fully sealed entire roof with new weather proof protective film covering.

2017 Replaced/repaired parts of cement walk from front door toward street.

2017 Wire brushed, sanded, painted, fire escapes at rear of building.

2016 For heating boiler system, installed new energy management control system, sensor, pump, motorized actuator on the mixing valve, more. All to ensure continuing reliable heat in winter.

2015 Cameras down major drain pipes by master plumbers insure all running smoothly, no clogs or back-ups.

2014 Had fabricated, installed, new safety railing at front door, and next to steps at sidewalk.

2014 Wire-brushed, sanded, painted, all fire escapes .

2012 New electrical equipment at rear of building connecting to power source from PSE&G.

2011 More new kitchen installations. Now in 25 of 32 Apartments.

2011 More new bathroom upgrades. Now in 14 of 32 Apartments.

2011 New hot water heater, copper piping, and support systems.

2011 Federal Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA), approved inspections confirm the entire building, including every apartment, and all common areas, are completely lead-paint free.

2010 Painted outside of building, after powerwashing, caulking, tuck pointing.

2009 In Laundry Room, installed 2 new Maytag washers + 2 new Maytag dryers.

2009 New Belgian block curbing on inside of both front driveways. 12 new cement vehicle – stop curbs in parking area.

2009 Huge overgrown trees removed at rear of property, to protect Residents’ vehicles.

2009 Earned property tax reduction which is being passed along to Tenants in lower rents.

2008 New high tech, fuel efficient, green, Laars heating boiler and all support systems.

2008 Completion of tall, secure, full, fence around rear parking area.

2008 New emergency lighting system in Laundry Room.

2007 Installed additional outdoor flood lights on motion sensors.

2007 New stepping stones in front yard to exit driveway.

2007 New railings at front door and at rear steps to basement.

2007 All fire escapes upgraded, repaired, sanded, painted.

2007 New asphalt paving of all driving surfaces and parking surfaces. All parking spaces lined and numbered.

2007 New 141.18 foot property line concrete, (with rebar), retaining wall on carport side of building. Abundant new plantings, (bushes, flowers), along new retaining wall.

2006 New rear entrance structure and awning.

2006 New front entrance structure and awning.

2006 New Laars PW 0325 domestic hot water heater, 120 gallon hot water storage tank, and related piping.

2005 Layers of old roof were removed down to the supporting beams. New GAF 20 year roof was installed.

2004 New back entrance wall, and new back door.

2004 New Tekmar energy management system with digital display and programmable clock.

2003 New, high tech, fire detection/alarm system in all common areas. 16 smoke detectors; 7 pull stations; 4 horn/strobe combinations; 1 heat detector; 1 indoor annunciator; and more. Monitored by Amcest.

2003 New front entrance wall, from ground to roof, new front door, and new doorbell system.

1990’s All new steel fire doors. All new windows. New French drains throughout basement on floor at perimeter.

Pre – paid boiler service maintenance contract always in force with Manhattan Welding Company, Inc., Hillside, N.J. They service in summer, disassembling, repairing, as necessary, cleaning, adjusting. They check heating system, and all related piping, etc. every 4 – 5 weeks during heating season.

All Apartments have smoke detectors and CO 2 detectors.

Resident Manager/Super Paul Russo lives in building full – time in 2 – G.

Assistant Resident Manager/Super Ashley Russo lives in building full – time in 2 – G.

South Orange Police Station is only a short distance away.